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Our patients want to tell you how much they value chiropractic care and how it increases the overall quality of their lives. Chiropractic care suits every lifestyle and care will be tailored to individual needs. Our patients help create and direct a treatment that works for them and their their own life. As your needs will change during your lifetime, so will your treatment plan and regular routine chiropractic wellness/preventative care. Here are a few examples of the ways in which chiropractic has increased quality life for some people.

Chiropractic care? It is part of how I care for my family. Twelve years ago, I was introduced to chiropractic care during my early months of pregnancy. I was desperate for a drug-free way to deal with my chronic migraine headaches and debilitating low back pain. I have never looked back. Later, with both my children, ear infections were frequent and began within a few months after their births. Chiropractic adjustments eliminated the need for both my children to take the antibiotics, prescribed at every turn by pediatricians, and in my opinion, eliminated the need for tubes to be inserted in their ears, a procedure which an ENT insisted was an emergency situation for both my children if I wanted to avoid their eventual deafness. My children's hearing was not affected. My husband, whose day is relatively stationary at a desk & computer in a fast-paced environment, also benefits from chiropractic care and is adjusted regularly for his neck & shoulder tension. Today, our entire family continues to be adjusted regularly. With adjustments and health advice provided by our doctor of chiropractic, we feel well & live well.
- Jocelyn Miller & her family
Chiropractic care became a necessity for me. My hobbies of playing contact hockey, running marathons or participating in triathlons began to take a toll on my body, especially as I got older. Hours of pounding the pavement during a run or a few tough checks into the boards would leave me aching all over and nursing injuries and swollen joints for weeks. Chiropractic adjustments put my body back into alignment & help my body to recoup faster than just resting and regular stretching after sports. When you work hard and play hard, you owe it to yourself to take care of your body. I plan to stay healthy and keep up the pace for many more years.
- Rob Roy
I have had back problems since a bad fall years ago. Conventional medical treatment did noting but temporarily mask my pain with medication. I tried chiropractic treatment as a last resort; I was resistant because I had heard some negative things about it. But when my first treatment relieved much of the pain I had been living with for months, I was a convert. I still get regular chiropractic treatment, both when I have a specific complaint and also as a preventative practice. And I'm back to doing all the things I enjoy, like dancing and hiking. I thank God I tried it back then - it has saved me from a huge amount of pain over the years, and has given me back my active life.
- Anne Emmanuelli
Chiropractic care first of all allowed me to heal and rehabilitate a serious herniated disc situation in 1997. With Dr. Lynn's help, I was able to return to strenuous exercising, running, bicylcling, and also playing golf. Since 1997, I have had regularly scheduled chiropractic care which has acted as preventive maintenance for me. This care, in addition to a daily stretching and exercise routine, have contributed to a higher quality of life for me. Being physically active is a big part of my lifestyle and chiropractic care (by Dr. Lynn) has allowed me to "just do it."
- Israel Schepps
I have been a chiropractic patient for many years. First I was a patient of Dr. Lynn's father, Dr. Henri Le Bel, and this enabled me to continue with an active and healthy lifestyle which I maintain today, even over the age of age of 80! In this photo, I had just completed a cycle course of 80 miles for my 80th birthday! I attribute my ability to maintain an active lifestyle which includes biking, hiking and X-country skiing to a healthy diet and holisitic chiropractic care.
- June Hoerle
Chiropractic has helped me to enjoy activities like white water kayaking. This challenging sport takes a toll on the spine and I really appreciate the restorative effects of chiropractic adjustments after a race.
- William Hobbie
You need a chiropractor who takes care to find the problem, explains what she or he can do and takes an interest in putting you back on your feet. Someone who cares so much you feel like a member of the family. I am a senior citicen now but had been treated when needed in my hometown in my early teens and felt great. That was my first knowledge of a GREAT CHIROPRACTOR by the name of Dr. Leonard H. LeBel. Upon turning that "Golden Age" I had a fall which no over- the- counter pain pills could touch. I immediately knew I needed a chiropractor and not only found one, but the best one ever--Dr. Lynn LeBel! She put me back on my feet so I was able to take care of my handicapped husband as well as myself. In this day when doctors don't hve you more than 15 minutes in the office and you can hardly get a question answered, My Chiropractor always explains things about my health. This to me is Wholistic Health Care and gives me much peace of mind. I will always be grateful for the wonderful care I am getting from My Chiropractor. Makes me feel like living!!
- Pauline Zmuda
“Because of chiropractic adjustments of my spine over the past 30 years, I was able to compete in the Senior Olympics at age 80 and win a Gold Medal in the 50M Breat Stroke and a Silver Medal in the 50M Freestyle!
- Gerald Roy
My introduction to chiropractic care was 21 years ago with Dr. Lynn's father, Dr. Leonard LeBel. I strained my back lifting my then 1 year old daughter, Allison, in her back pack carrier. I sought pain relief from a medical doctor where I worked and she told me to take pain relievers. Still in agony, I went to see Dr. LeBel and walked out of the office feeling 90% better. With a few more adjustments, I was as good as new. Later on I started to see Dr. Lynn LeBel and she kept me in good health so that I could pursue my running and weight training. Last year, a week before I was to run a half marathon, I pulled a muscle in my leg. I was worried that I would not be able to run the race. After seeing Dr. Lynn for this acute sports injury, I modified my training schedule for that week, and successfully ran 13 miles!!! As I registered dietitian, my approach to wellness is a natural one. Dr. Lynn understands the importance of collaborative health care encompassing chiropractic care, nutrition, fitness, and mental health.
- Paula Serafino-Cross,R.D.
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