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Le Bel Chiropractic Mission Statement
Our mission at Le Bel Chiropractic is to provide the best full- spectrum chiropractic care in a timely, individualized and compassionate manner.
Dr. Lynn Le Bel is available for all phases of care,
including acute, intensive care for injuries as well as wellness, preventative care for health maintenance and increased performance.

Le Bel Chiropractic Center is your health care partner
At Le Bel Chiropractic , we firmly believe in your right to choose and help direct your health care.
We believe that every health care consumer has the right to be fully informed and educated about the services they receive.
We are also always available to participate in collaborative care. We work with your Primary Care Provider (PCP-MD) or other health care provider.
We strive to be part of your Health Care Team!
Chiropractic care is effective and affordable
Learn more about the safety and effectiveness of chiropractic at research

Chiropractic care is covered by many insurance plans.
Worker's Compensation and Personal Injury as well as most Medicare and health insurance plans give you direct access to chiropractic care without a referral.
If you need a referral for care we will assist you.
If you are without chiropractic care insurance coverage
our office will assist you in developing an affordable treatment plan.
Please telephone 413-271-1020.
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